The purpose of the martial arts, Morihei realized, is not to inflict injury or cause destruction of life but to maintain the peace and protect life. Or in spiritual terms, the life force is its own protector, and to the extent that one is grounded in the principles of that force as it permeates the universe, one need know no enemies.   The art that developed out of this realization has been characterized as fluid and intuitive. When correctly executed, aikido technique can neutralize an attack by coming into confluence with the attacker’s energy. But philosophical and spiritual principles are far more easily stated than put into practice, and aikido is no exception. Mastery of aikido requires years and years of rigorous training.   The brilliance of aikido, however, is that it does not require mastery to be enjoyed. People come to aikido for a variety of reasons—health, exercise, stress-management, self-defense, spiritual pursuit, interest in Japanese culture, and more—all of which have a place in aikido training. Aikido in The Fan follows the technical curriculum developed by the Aikikai Foundation at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and as disseminated in the U.S. by Saotome Mitsugi and Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. Chief instructor Steve Earle has practiced aikido since 1970 and has trained extensively both in Japan and with Saotome-sensei in the U.S. AikidoAikido news posts  Aikido is both old and new. It was founded in the 20th century by Ueshiba Morihei, one of the most consummate martial artists of all time, based upon his long and deep inquiry into Japan’s thousand year old martial arts tradition.Mary Heiny Seminar March 2 -4Class Member LinksSensei EarleKenkyukai International demonstration in Amber, PATaken at the Aikido Hombu Dojo in Tokyo: Steve Earle with Ueshiba Moriteru (Doshu) and Katsuda Yoshio  

Centrally located in metropolitan Richmond, Aikido in the Fan offers classes in Aikido as an effective martial art and a practical system of personal development. The art of Aikido translates universal principles (balance, center, energy) into learnable applications and is known to foster greater stability, focus, flexibility, and spontaneity in daily life. We explore this art at beginning and advanced levels and in both its open-hand and sword (bokken) and staff (jo) applications.

We are a not-for-profit public charity educational organization affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo) & Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) . Prospective students are encouraged to come to the dojo to observe or participate in a class. Visitors and Aikido practitioners from other schools are always welcome.

Mary Heiny 2007 Seminar

Posted by admin on Monday 13 November 2006 – 11:08:20

Join us in welcoming Mary Heiny, 6th dan, back to Richmond, Virginia for this second annual seminar. Mary is one of the most outstanding instructors in America today. One of only a few Westerners, and even fewer Western women, to have learned directly from the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, she trained extensively in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s, both in Tokyo at Hombu Dojo and in Shingu under Michio Hikitsuchi, 10th dan. Her dedication as a teacher and her deep understanding of the art has influenced thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Click here for the enrollment form

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No classes on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

Posted by admin on Wednesday 22 November 2006 – 00:19:43

Ann will have class as usual on Sunday and has promised to teach turkey-nage.

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New beginner’s class starting in January 2007

Posted by admin on Sunday 05 November 2006 – 19:58:50

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cording to legend, Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented by a woman to overcome stronger, faster opponents. Made famous by Bruce Lee, it is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts in the world today.Some of its distinctive features include Chi Sao Sticking Hand practice and the Wooden Dummy.Wing Chun (Chinese: 詠春; Pinyin: yǒng chūn; Yale Cantonese: wing2 cheun1), sometimes romanized as Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun or Wing Tzun, is a system of Chinese martial arts with an emphasis on non-grappling close-range fighting. Its curriculum also includes weapons.

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Aikido in the Fan is home to the Richmond Branch of the East-West Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, which is headquartered in Oakland, CA.The class is taught by John Kang, who learned from Sifu Lo Man Kam in Taiwan.  Sifu Lo learned from his uncle Grandmaster Yip Man, who was also Bruce Lee’s teacher and the one largely responsible for bringing Wing Chun out of China.